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PUBG corporation has finally ended the PUBG Fix campaign and focused on the new development priorities for the next year. Building stability and quality is their new mission, with focus on the value for players. This will be the company new motto which is explained in the open letter that was announced on Steam before the Battle Royale gameplay and new ingame content.

First things come first, this will probably slow our development team, but each day we are learning new techniques that are making us more skillful, so we hope we most certainly will be able to secure new content faster and sooner. Maintaining stability and quality will be our primary goal.” – Executive Producer Taeseok Jang

He also stated that the campaign called Fix PUBG which was created three months ago brought to monumental improvements of performance between the client and servers. They managed to find the solution for cheaters (they banned more than 2 million accounts). Besides that, PUBG corporation says that they found all 100 possible mistakes and bugs they said they would recover before the campaign started.

We know that there are a lot more things that can be fixed and improved, but we have the impression that we feel better what you, our respected community is speaking, we know what you want and need. We came to the end of Fix PUBG campaign, so now we move further with development, upgrading processes and doubling our efforts alongside newly taught lessons.” – Executive Produced Taeseok Jang

Differentiating than Xbox One edition that was announced last year, PUBG will have all basic options on PS4 from the sole start. All three actual maps – Erangel, Miramar & Sanhok will be available from the first day. To celebrate their entry to the Sony platform everyone who preorders will get a few articles that all PS players always recognize. If you have the PlayStation 4 Pro, PUBG will be supported for HDR, but there is still no info for 4K resolution. Three game versions will be announced immediately, and all three would be available for preorder. The main game – Looter’s Edition will be sold via its standard price of $30, The Survivor’s Edition will be sold for $50, and the Champion’s Edition will be sold for $60.