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asia minor betting preview

Now that both Europe and CIS Minors are finished, the stage is set for Asia Minor. It is going to be interesting to see who will be able to book their tickets for IEM Katowice 2019 Major Main Qualifier

Even though it seems like Asia Minor did not attract the best CS:GO teams from that region, it certainly got the attention of some hot prospects like Renegades and MVP PK.

Once again, we here at tried hard to find the best odds for Asia Minor, and we found it at If you are new to esports betting, then make sure to read our review here.

Asia Minor – IEM Katowice outright winner odds

As you can clearly see, Renegades is heavily favored in this one, and rightfully so. They are definitely the best team here, and I can not see anyone who can par with them by any means. Australians are definitely superior when it comes to firepower and strategy. Experience is another key factor in this one.

In my personal opinion betting on anyone else to win Asia Minor would be a huge mistake, and betting on Renegades to win the entire thing is definitely free money.

Groups & format

Everything is exactly identical if we compare Asia Minor to European or CIS one. Another format where 8 teams will be divided into two groups of 4. Double-elimination(GSL) format has been put in place.

Every opening match will be played in a best-of-1 format, while every other match will be played in a best-of-3 series. Eventually, only two best teams from each group will advance to the playoffs where they will look for their chance to grab that IEM Katowice Major Main Qualifier spot.

Group A

  • Aequus
  • CyberZen
  • Grayhound
  • Renegades

This should be an easy group for Renegades, and they should definitely come out on top in this one. Furthermore, I fancy Grayhound to come out in the second place, as the only team that can beat them in group A is Renegades. Lastly, CyberZen could surprise someone, but I do not think that they can harm either Renegades or Grayhound. Aequus has no chance in this one, and they are here just to fill the spot.

Group B

  • Beyond
  • GOSU
  • MVP PK
  • ViCi

A very easy group for MVP PK in my opinion. They are definitely the strongest team in group B, and to be honest, they are very lucky to avoid either Renegades or Grayhound. They should not have a hard task in this group, and in my personal opinion they should top group B. However, ViCI is a decent team that may pose a threat to MVP PK. But even if they fall short against Koreans, they should still reach the playoffs. Beyond and Gosu are just bad, and just like Aequus, they are here to fill two spots on the Asian scene.

Opening matches

  • Grayhound – CyberZen
  • Renegades – Aequus
  • Beyond – MVP PK
  • ViCi – GOSU

Do you think anyone in Asia Minor can parry with Renegades and who could that be? Who is your favorite to top group B and why? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.