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asia minor betting tips and predictions

After a hard fought battle, we are left with only 4 teams. We have seen a total of 10 matches in the group stage of Asia Minor. It is definitely going to be interesting to see who is going to advance to the grand final of Asia Minor, and who is going to grab that 3rd spot and still have a chance to qualify for the IEM Katowice.

Both Renegades and MVP PK topped their groups with two swift wins, while ViCi and Grayhound had to play a decider match.

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Asia Minor betting tips and predictions

Renegades – ViCi

After they were defeat in their opening match, ViCi came back stronger than never as they won their last two best-of-3 series in a dominating fashion. They did not even drop a map. On the other hand, Renegades had it easy as they sealed #1 spot with ease.


Now that every team played at least 2 matches in Asia Minor, we have more information about the current form they are in.

Let’s start with Renegades. After their defeat against mousesports, Renegades came to Asia Minor with one wish, to beat their opponents. They won their opening match against Aequus. No one was expecting anything from Aequus and they were stomped by Australians.

Secondly, they played against the second best team in the Australian region, and they were dominant in that series as well. Even though they could have easily lost at least one map, but they showed a great character as they sealed 2-0 win against ever so dangerous Grayhound.

ViCi was coming to Asia Minor after three consecutive defeats, and they had to make amends towards their fans. They did exactly that. Even though they lost their opener against GOSU, they came back strong and sealed victories against both Beyond and GOSU. It seems like they did not show any respect towards GOSU in their opener, as they had no problem in the rematch.


These two teams played a total of 2 maps against each other. Renegades was able to beat ViCi on both of those maps in the part of ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals.

Firstly, they competed on Mirage. Even though Renegades was able to beat ViCI, this map could go either way. At one point, ViCi was 7-0 up, but they lost 8 in a row. The second map in their best-of-3 series was Inferno where ViCi struggled on their CT-side, and Renegades easily closed the series.

Map pool

When it comes to map pool, I believe ViCi could find themselves in a whole world of problems. Let’s start with permabans. ViCi does not play Dust 2, and they will surely remove it. On the other hand, Renegades does not play Nuke, and that is going to be their permaban.


Both of these teams are comfortable on Mirage and Train, while Renegades has an edge on Cache and Inferno. Furthermore, do not be surprised if we see these two teams battle it out on Overpass, Cache and either Mirage or Inferno as a decider.


There is no denying that Renegades is a clear favorite in this one. Individually, they are the most skilled team here, and they can win this series by simply winning duels. Once they get going there is not stopping them, and in my personal opinion, ViCi is not good enough to parry with them.

To conclude, Renegades is simply better in every aspect of the game. They will want to prove a point that they are not messing around, and they will want to win Asia Minor without dropping a map.

Betting predictions: Renegades to win 2-0

Odds: 1.58