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If you are an CSGO enthusiast, you probably know that in the last couple of weeks, there was a lot of talking about former Bravado roster. South African organization had no money to extend Bravado’s stay in North America, and they were on the verge of shutting down their CSGO operations.

Well, Denial announced today that they are going to sign former Bravado roster. Even though fundraiser was going great, roster led by Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek decided to sign with a new organization, the one that will probably provide them with better conditions.


Bravado was definitely the best CSGO team in Africa. Certain sponsors acknowledged that and they invest funds into the team.

Furthermore, this financial injection saw Bravado move to North America in order to pursue their dreams. Bravado moved to Texas, and they were winning against everyone.

They were able to qualify for their first LAN event, DreamHack Winter. South African organization played on a really high level in this event. They were even able to beat teams like OpTic and G2. However, they were not able to lift the trophy, but they grabbed that second spot. Bravado presented themselves to the entire CSGO professional scene.

They were even placed on top 30 teams by HLTV, as they were ranked at #28. However, they fell short on the Americas Minor, where they failed to qualify for the Major Main Qualifier.

Project Destiny

Sadly, Bravado’s funds ran out, and the team had to be withdrawn from North America. However, the organization decided to give it a final go with a crowdfunding campaign. The goal was $30,000. A lot of popular CS:GO professional players and streamers jumped into this to help out. MIBR’s Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo dedicated an entire stream to this, and by himself, he raised a lot of money.

A lot of professionals followed up on Fallen’s stream, and they are the main reason why Project Destiny was able to raise so much money in such a short period of time.

fallen csgo

Denial sign Bravado

Even though Denial was not able to sign the entire roster, they were able to attract the majority of the former Bravado team. The only one who decided to stay with the organization was Dimitri “Detrony” Hadjipaschali. Denial was also able to convince Bravado’s coach to join Denial’s new organization.

The only reason Detrony did not sign with Denial is that of his brother. Bravado’s CEO is in charge of the South African organization.

Project Destiny comes to an end

Given the fact that crowdfunding campaign goal was going to be reached, Bravado made a public statement. Furthermore, they said how the entire roster knew that they are going to reach $30,000. Even if something went sideways, sponsors had that covered. But still, Bravado’s former roster decided to part ways with the organization.

However, Bravado did not want to use the money they got from the crowdfunding campaign. They are going to refund every single donor. That shows that Bravado is not all about the money. Hopefully, they will be back stronger than ever.

Lastly, Denial had a lot of problems with their former CEO and payments. Turns out that they owed a lot of money to their CSGO roster. The main goal new ownership set for themselves is to repay everyone what they are owed. It is going to be interesting to see if the same faith will catch up with former Bravado roster.