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Egamingbets (EGB) is an online esports gambling website. It operates under Curaçao license issued to Exedra N.V. The site hosts only esports betting, so if you are looking for sports or even casino or slots betting you should look somewhere else. On the first look, the site looks a bit packed. At the top of the page, you have streams which are always nice to have, since it makes live betting much easier, on the right side you have live chat with other members of EGB community, so you can talk about strategies with other people, or just simply casually talk. At the body of the main page, there is a “News” tab, which is always good to have, so you can check new EGB bonus codes and gifts.

The most unique and also interesting feature on this site is called “Play Money”. It’s basically free money which you can use to bet for fun or if you want to see how good you are at betting. Of course, you can’t exchange it for real money or merchandise from their shop, but nonetheless, it’s still a good thing to have, especially if you are a beginner. Also, anyone who is located in the US, Great Britain or Singapore can’t make real money but they can still bet with Play Money.

Another cool feature is “points”. You can get them for playing with real money ( exclude LIVE bets and tournaments ). Further, you get 10 points for every dollar bet in the index 1.3 or more and you can buy merchandise from their store ( headphones, keyboards, mouses, bags ), EGB bonus or gifts for friends! You can also get points by doing daily quests, you can check them on your profile and you have 3 days to complete a quest.

EGB also has a free android app which you can download from their page.

How To Bet On EGB?

First of all, you will need to open an account. Don’t miss out the welcome EGB bonus, make sure to follow our link to register. Registration is pretty easy, you just need to press yellow SIGN UP button on the upper right corner, fill the form and you are good to go. Keep in mind that you can try the site and play with “play money” before making any real money deposit. Let’s assume that you tried the site and you want to make a deposit. If you followed our link you would get welcome EGB bonus, 100% up to $600 on the first deposit.

Banking Options:

Depositing is pretty straightforward. You choose your country, write your name and age and site should automatically recommend the best methods for your country.

Deposit Methods:


– Visa

– MasterCard

– Skrill

– Neteller

– paysafecard

– Tele2

– wirecard

– bitcoin

– bank transfer

Be careful because some methods have a different minimum that you can deposit. For example, minimum for Skrill, Visa, and Neteller is 5 USD, and for Paysafecard, Tele2 is 1 USD.

Deposits are instant, it might take 1-2 minutes in some cases, except if you made a deposit via cryptocurrencies, that could take about 60 minutes to process.


Withdrawing is not instant, it might take 24 hours to 10 days, depending on method and beneficiary bank. There is also a limit of how much you can withdraw.

Skrill, Neteller and Webmoney from 15 USD to 20 000 USD

Yandex.Money from 15 USD to 600 USD

Visa and MasterCard from 50 USD to 1000 USD from 15 USD to 10000 USD

Ecopayz from 50 USD to 2000 USD

Bitcoin from 100 USD to 5000 USD

Another bad side of this site is commision. You can withdraw money once a month without paying any commision, but if you do it two or more times per month, you have to pay 4% commission on the withdrawal amount.


EGB Bonus:

There is First Deposit EGB Bonus for everyone – doubling your deposit, up to 600 USD. Bonuses can also be bought at their store using points. Just use our registration link to claim your bonus.

EGB Bonus types that can be bought:

Bonus $2 – 5 x $0.4 gifts for every 200 points earned players. EGB Bonus sum: $2 – costs 1 000 points

Bonus $5 – 5 x $1 gifts for every 500 points earned players. EGB Bonus sum: $5. – costs 2 000 points

Bonus $10 – 5 x $2 gifts for every 1000 points earned players. EGB Bonus sum: $10. – costs 3 000 points

Bonus $20 – 5 x $4 gifts for every 2000 points earned players. EGB Bonus sum: $20. – costs 6 000 points

Bonus $50 – 5 x $10 gifts for every 5000 points earned players. EGB Bonus sum: $50. – costs 10 000 points

Bonus $100 – 5 x $20 gifts for every 10000 points earned players. EGB Bonus sum: $100. – costs 20 000

Bonus $200 – 5 x $40 gifts for every 20000 points earned players. EGB Bonus sum: $200. – costs 35 000

You have 3 months to use your EGB bonuses and only one or two can be activated at the same time.

They currently don’t have free bet bonuses like some other betting sites.


This site is based on Esports only so it is no wonder they have a rich collection of esports markets currently available. By doing so, they are catering to even the most demanding clients. They have a great offer and you can bet on pretty much everything there is to bet in esports world. EGB support games such as CS:GO, StarCraft 2, Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Rocket League, Warcraft 3, PUBG, Artifact, World of Tanks and Quake. They also support live betting, and you can bet on a lot of things, such as who will win the 12th round or who will make the 33rd kill. This is also where integrated stream becomes really handy.

Customer Service

If you need any help, it is really easy to contact their customer service. You can send them an email or ask questions in an online chat that is available 24/7. There is also Frequently Asked Questions page which you can check out.

Final score

Overall score 7/10

The site is fast, everything runs smoothly and it is simple to use. They have some really cool features like Play Money and Points. Play Money looks like a fun game and you can see how good you are at betting, and points are like a bit extra rewards that you can use to buy PC accessories. All in all, the idea is good and I would recommend this site to esports fans who would like to try something new and be rewarded for loyalty.

On the other side, this site is based only on Esports, there is no Casino or regular sports section. I would not recommend it to people who like to mix events, esports with regular sports. The odds are similar compared to other betting sites, even lower on some events. I also did not really like their web design, however, their Android app has a much better design so I would recommend it over desktop version.



What countries are restricted?

Restricted countries are:

– United States of America

– Great Britain

– Singapore

– France

– the Netherlands

– Germany

– Israel

– Cyprus

– Aruba

– Bonaire

– Curacao

– Australia

– Statia and Saba

– Sweden

– St. Maarten

As mentioned before, everyone who is located in the US, Great Britain or Singapore can play with “Play Money”

What is Play Money?

It`s free money, which you can use to bet for fun. Play Money does not cost anything and cannot be exchanged for real money or any merchandise. After registering, each user is given 20 Play Money, and if lost, the Play Money can be restored by pressing the ‘Restore’ button.

It’s recommended that beginners try betting on Play Money before they make their first deposit in order to better understanding of how the system works.

How to get points on EGB?

You would get 10 points for every dollar bet in the index 1.3 and more. You can also get points while playing with real money, exclude LIVE bets and Tournaments.

What can I do with EGB Points? 

You can spend them in their shop to buy gaming equipment, exchange it for real money or even buy exclusive bonuses.

EGB Shop
EGB shop

What is the minimum deposit on EGB?

Minimal deposit on EGB is $1.