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The legendary Polish eSports organization is again changing their colors. Their last change happened early in 2018 when they switched from orange to greenpurple design to honor their main sponsor MegaFon. Now they have revealed their new Logo for the teams 15th anniversary. This logo will use a more minimalist approach than the original logo, but it will have the good old orange color prevailing.

minimalist belonging or relating to a style in art, design, and theatre that uses the smallest range of materials and colors possible, and only simple shapes or forms.



The current logo will stay the same until we enter 2019 where the new logotype will be used in every aspect of the team, branding apparel, gaming, website, and all other resources. The main focal point for the new design was the original bear symbol of the team and those vivid colors of orange, white and black.

We entered the digital era where logo design has to be moved to another level, our sponsors and partners have their suggestions but our primary goal was not to create something radically new, but to take the old logo, that all our fans love, and merely redesign it, so it adapts and fits our unique needs. All those victories of our teams under that banner simply cannot be forgotten. – General Manager of

This new logo looks very refreshing with old motives of, representing the bear as the main looking point, with the letter V in the background that represents the starting letter of the team. This logotype will remain modern for at least 5-10 years. The scratches on the letter V will allow this team to broaden it’s identity while playing different games, it comes with a scar of a bear claw on the left side of the letter V, and it can be used in various games as a broadcasting model instead of the whole logo. It also fits/scales perfectly both on mobile screens and monitor/TV resolutions. The team hashtag now is #GOGOVP, and it is widely used in digital already.


Happy anniversary VP!