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To be honest, no one was expecting NRG to find themselves in the 0-2 bracket. Their backs are against the wall at this point. They really need to step up in order to still have a chance in this event. They have a perfect opponent in front of themselves, a team that is nowhere near its form from last year.

NRG – compLexity

This match is a total clash of styles. compLexity nurtures the fast and unpredictable style of CSGO, while NRG enjoys playing a more structured game. However, there are another tons of differences that these two teams have, and we will discuss those down below.


Now that two games have already been played in The New Legends Stage of IEM Katowice 2019 we can say with confidence that we know how good are some of these teams.

Let’s start with NRG. They lost to both AVANGAR and NiP in two thrillers. Firstly, they lost their opener to Swedes where every single round had to be played. To be honest, this match could have gone either way, but NiP was a tiny bit luckier and they got away with the victory. However, NRG played really bad against AVANGAR and they were punished for it. But they made it highly competitive once again.

What worries me the most is that NRG is having horrible starts to each half so far. They are always mounting a comeback, and this could be troubling for our prediction. However, I do believe that they will talk things through. Hopefully they will finally step up in the early stage of the game.

On the other hand, compLexity had to play against two top contenders in the likes of Astralis and MIBR. Given the fact that no one was rating compLexity in this event anyways, they still showed up and tried their best against both of these teams. It was expected that they will receive heavy battering from both of these teams, and they probably realized that themselves.

compLexity lost their opener against Astralis, where they were able to win 6 rounds. Furthermore, they had a great half in their second game against MIBR. At one point they had an 8-7 lead, but they did not do much after that as they were only able to win one additional round.


These two teams faced off on a total of 14 maps. In most of their match-ups we had a lot of rounds, but given the fact that this is not the same compLexity, their head-to-head ratio should not play a big part in this bet. However, NRG was able to best compLexity 8 times, while compLexity won 6 times. Another important thing that we need to note is that compLexity has a 3 win streak against NRG and NRG will look to make amends.


In my personal opinion, compLexity does not have a map pool. They are a team that is only comfortable on Cache, and Cache is not a stray map for NRG either. Given the fact that this is an elimination match, we are going to see a best-of-3 series between these two teams.

I highly believe that NRG will leave compLexity with 10–12 rounds throughout the course of 2 maps. They are much more individually skilled than compLexity and I think that NRG’s deadly duo of Ethan “Ethan” Arnold and Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte can carry this match themselves.

In conclusion, compLexity has nothing on NRG, especially when it comes to map pool, individual skill and tactics. I feel like compLexity is going to focus on individual duels and that is where they will struggle, mainly because Brehze was on fire throughout both games played on IEM Katowice 2019 so far. No way he is stopping anytime soon. I feel like NRG is just going to stomp compLexity in this one. Easy 2-0 if you ask me.

Betting prediction: NRG to win 2-0

Odds: 1.85

Bookmaker: Betway