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If you are a big fan of NRG, then I feel sad to tell you that NRG was eliminated from IEM Katowice 2019. These guys played on a level above everyone else in The New Challengers Stage. However, their defeat to compLexity cannot be justified, and this was simply not enough to advance through The New Legends Stage.

With their last defeat, NRG joins BIG as the second team that was eliminated from the IEM Katowice 2019. You can read our recap of what happened to NRG down below.


It all started on this opener. After the first half, we all thought that NiP is going to run away with this game. Even though NiP was able to win the second pistol round, NRG mounted a comeback. But in my personal opinion, it is definitely better to lose 16-5, rather than a comeback from 14-5 just to lose 16-14. To be honest, this match could have gone either way, but NiP was a bit luckier, and that is all it takes.


After their initial defeat to NiP, NRG had another tough opponent in front of themselves. If someone underestimated AVANGAR, stuff like this can happen. Firstly, they were able to beat AVANGAR, and secondly, FaZe.

Neither of these two teams showed respect, and they got stomped. To be honest, 16-13 result does not paint the entire picture. Once again, NRG was 11-4 on halftime, and yet again they started mounting a comeback. They came close again as they pulled the score back to 13-13. The history repeated itself again, as NRG struggled in the key moments.

NRG – compLexity

If you are into Pick’Ems then you are probably really mad about this match. We all thought that NRG is going to make it look easy against compLexity but boy were we wrong. Once again, NRG was struggling in the early stages of the game. Given the fact that compLexity is definitely the weakest team in the entire Stage, they were not able to build up their lead.

However, a series of 7 rounds brought compLexity to a 14-10 lead. However, they themselves struggled and made mistakes. NRG was doing the exact same thing, and it was obvious that they will struggle in the overtime. Even though one overtime was not enough to decide a winner in this one, compLexity sealed their victory in the second overtime.

After losing Nuke, NRG once again played on a map that they are comfortable on. After a shaky start from both of these teams, we were just waiting for one team to win 2 rounds in a row so they can ruin the economy of their opponents. CompLexity did exactly that, but once again they were not able to create a big lead. Switching sides did not do much for NRG. compLexity had a brutal start to the second half where they won 6 in a row. However, NRG created their own series and once again we were tied.

This time around, compLexity only needed one overtime to seal the faith of NRG and send them packing home to North America. Overall, an awful performance from the entire NRG roster, especially from their AWPer, Cvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov.

NRG’s statistics

Even though NRG was eliminated from IEM Katowice 2019, they put up some good numbers, especially their hard hitters. For instance, Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte averaged a 1.19 HLTV rating, despite their three losses. However, Damian “daps” Steele had a lackluster performance throughout the entire tournament, and he was definitely the worst player for NRG.