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OMG – Oh My God

We would start our PUBG Top 10 list with a team that managed to win PUBG Corp’s first ever official tournament, PUBG Global Invitation 2018, the Oh My God team known as OMG.
Country ID Name Role
 xiaorong Laio Liang-Guang In Game Leader
 lionkk Yao Hao Riffler
silentBT Wang Yan Riffler
xiaohaixxxx Zhang Jin-Hai Riffler
YangXiaoLong YangXiaoLong Substitute
Country ID Role
XiaoYao Coach
Tuotuo Coach
Linda Manager


OMG is the most popular team in China. Following the victory on PGI 2018, even state media like the People’s Daily and the Communist Youth League congratulated them for bringing the first PGI trophy to China. Besides fame in the home country, they got $400,000 and an additional $30,000 for 3 chicken dinners from a single tournament and that made them the team with the most money earned from prize funds in PUBG competitive scene ever.

OMG On Competitive Scene

Oh My God is a Chinese Esports PUBG organization formed in Summer of 2017. They started winning titles on Asian servers and they are now competing on a global level as one of the best teams in the world. With notable results on the biggest PUBG tournaments, they made around $670,000 in total.

Top Tournament Results
Date Place Prize Event Roster
2018-07-29 1 $ 400,000 PGI 2018 – FPP lionkk, silentBT, xiaohaixxxx, xiaorong
2018-06-01 1 ¥ 600,000 PCPI 2018 – FPP lionkk, silentBT, xiaohaixxxx, xiaorong
2018-09-16 2 ¥ 100,000 Douyu PUBG Golden Legends S5 lionkk, silentBT, xiaohaixxxx, xiaorong
2017-11-22 2 ¥ 40,000 Longzhu PUBG Invitational silentBT, m4gololx, HM, xiaorong
2018-04-27 3 $ 18,000 AUD PUBG Australia Invitational 2018 86, lionkk, xiaohaixxxx, xiaorong
2017-11-19 3 ₩ 15,000,000 G-Star 2017 PUBG Asia Invitational – Duo m4gololx, Ivan,
2017-11-19 3 ₩ 8,000,000 G-Star 2017 PUBG Asia Invitational – Solo m4gololx


Why is team OMG so good? The PUBG and its competitive scene are pretty young compared to other Esport Games like LOL, Dota2 or CS:GO. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released in December of 2017 and the game is still advancing with a lot to discover. OMG used that as an advantage, they are playing on the next level with different strategies and unique gameplay that no one else tried before.

OMG – Unique Gameplay

To outsmart the enemy teams they need to play unpredictable. From the very beginning of the game, they pick weird landing spots and long paths to the circle where no one expects them. Landing spots close to the centre of the map would have fewer enemies to confront in the early phases of the game. In order to isolate, even more, they are picking compounds by the water that separates them from the rest of the mainland and isolates one side completely. They are always close to the first circle, so they don’t have trouble trying to find good positions. Since they are always near the first circle or inside it, they don’t have to do much travelling during the first phase of the game. However, team OMG is always trying to enter the white circle from the narrow side.

The narrow side refers to a part of the play area where the distance between the white circle and the blue zone is very close. This strategy is good for many reasons. First of all, it’s almost always guaranteed that most teams will be entering the white circle from the wide side, which is the part of the play area where the white circle is far from the blue zone. Secondly, the blue zone moves much slower in the narrow side than on the wide side because the bluezone has the same timer on all sides. This means that if you’re standing on the
wide side, you will see the blue zone move very fast so that it can close in on the white
circle within the time limit.

On the picture above you can see their strategy on the 4th phase of Game 1 on PGI 2018. They travelled along the beaches and entered the circle from the narrow side of the play area. Although this seems very dangerous, they met way less resistance than the teams who entered from the wide side and all of them stayed alive without engaging into unnecessary battles. This is the safest approach to enter the safe zone invented and used by only this team.

When it comes to looting, each player in Team OMG optimizes their inventory space so that they could bring everything that they need to win the game and they always move together to share aid kits.

If they find themselves surrounded, then they usually allow other teams to get by them without revealing their position. Instead of engaging and putting themselves in unnecessary risks, they bide their time and patiently wait for the right moment to move in. They listen to their surroundings so that they know if the enemies around them are busy fighting with each other, and that’s when they decide to move into the white circle.

These tactics and strategies allowed team OMG to win 3 out of the 8 FPP games played during the PGI 2018 tournament. They were among the top 4 surviving teams
in 5 out of the 8 games and scored a total of 2375 placement point.


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