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Pinnacle is an online gambling website that was founded way back in 1998. It is available in 100 countries and 19 languages. Headquarter is located on the island of Curaçao of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles. Pinnacle was one of the first bookmakers that offered odds on esports in 2010. With esports, Pinnacle offers bettings on sports, casinos, politics, CrossFit games and even entertainment, for example, who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of S8 in Game of Thrones or will human set foot on Mars by 1/1/2015 and so on.

The site is simplistic and easy to navigate. Right away you can choose at the top of the site which decimal odds you prefer, American odds or decimal odds. Also, there you can see the main sections: Sports, Favorite Casino, Featured Casino, Esports, Betting Resources and mobile. Betting resources are a really good section to have, you can check every news there is about any sports and esports related topic, which is good for research and making decisions about bettings. Pinnacle has fully supported mobile app, you can download the app from their site, it also features 25 unique mobile casino games, such as slots, classic table games, video poker and so on.

How To Bet On Pinnacle?

We need to make an account first. Betting part is fairly simple on Pinnacle. Firstly, you would have to click on the green Open Account tab to fill the form and secondly, you will have to deposit some money to make a bet, of course.

Banking options:


Pinnacle has numerous payment options available, and they are determined by the currency you chose when you open an account. Every deposit has a different fee and minimum/maximum amount that you can deposit, also most of them are instant but some of them take 24 hours.


Top deposit methods that are available:

– Visa-free – 20 EUR min – 5 000 EUR max

– Skrill – free – 10 EUR min – maximum is based on account limits at the payment provider

– Paysafecard – 3.45% fee – 25 EUR mini – 250 EUR max

– Neteller – free – 10 EUR min – 37 500 EUR max

– entropay – free – 20 EUR min – 5 000 EUR max

– bitcoin – free – 10 EUR min – 8 000 EUR max – it takes 24 hours to process

– bank transfer – fee depends on a bank – 100 EUR min – no maximum – it takes up to 5 business days



Just as with deposit methods, Pinnacle offers a huge variety of withdrawing methods. Each withdrawal method has a different time to process. Each Pinnacle customer receives one free withdrawal per calendar month!

Top withdrawal methods:

– Visa – fee is 12 EUR – 100 EUR min – 2 100 EUR max – 24 hours to process

– Skrill – 12 EUR – 10 EUR min – 50 000 EUR max – instant but if it is over 7 000 EUR it may require longer processing time

– Paysafecard – 12 EUR – 25 EUR min – 1 000 EUR max

– Neteller – 12 EUR – 10 EUR min – 37 000 EUR max – instant but if it is over 7 000 EUR it may require longer processing time

– entropay – 12 EUR – 15 EUR min – 3 000 EUR max

– bitcoin – 12 EUR – 10 EUR min – 2 000 EUR max

– bank transfer – 20 EUR fee – 15 EUR min – no maximum – might take up to 10 business days

Pinnacle Bonuses

Pinnacle does not offer any bonuses or rebates. Instead, they offer a reduced margin pricing model which guarantees the best value to their clients with up to 60% better odds. Also, they assure that odds they provide will represent a far better value than any bonus that can be offered by any competitor.

Casino Bonuses

In the casino, there is the cashback available. The cashback is a player unlimited bonus, you get paid back % of the money you have staked. The standard cashback percentage is 0.3% but it depends on the game type and special promotions.

Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle has a huge variety of sports that you can bet on. Also, they are supporting live betting on any sports.

Sports that are supported:

– Alpine Skiing

– Badminton

– Bandy

– Baseball

– Basketball

– Boxing

– Cricket

– Cross Country Skiing

– Cycling

– Football

– Golf

– Handball

– Hockey

– Mixed Martial Arts

– Rugby Union

– Ski Jumping

– Snooker

– Soccer

– Tennis

– Volleyball


Pinnacle Esports

Pinnacle was one of the first bookmakers that offered to bet on esports. It started as an experiment but today it’s the 7th largest market for them in terms of volume and it is exceeding golf and rugby. When it comes to Esports, you can bet on pretty much anything and the Esports section itself looks pretty nice and well organized as well.

Esports betting that Pinnacle supports:

– CS: GO

– Dota 2

– King of Glory

– League of Legends

– Overwatch

– StarCraft 2

– StarCraft Broodwar

– Artifact

– Call of Duty

– Rainbow Six

– World of Warcraft

Esports also has live betting feature. They also support most of the tournaments, both major and minor. There is also an Esports blog section, so you can check news like roster changes, current forms, who to bet on and so on.

Pinnacle Casino

Pinnacle also hosts a huge variety of casino games. You can choose between Slots, Live casino, Table games, Video poker, Cashback games, also there are 25 more unique games if you are using Pinnacle mobile app, so make sure to check it out!

Customers Service

If you need any help or have a question for them, you can contact them over live chat, submit a ticket or call them. Of course, there is also FAQ, so you can check for some answers there too.

Final Score


Even though there are no special bonuses like other betting websites, I think Pinnacle has enough to offer. Odds are great, a variety of sports, esports, casinos and other entertainments is great. Their website is easy to use, the design is good, betting resources section is really useful, and it is always good to have a mobile application that is supported.


Which countries are not supported?

– United States of America

– France

– United Kingdom

– territories that form part of the Kingdom of Netherlands

– Spain

– Germany

– Singapore

– Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

– Denmark

– Philippines

– Syria

– Turkey

– Poland

– Ireland

– Czech Republic

– Sudan

– Australia and its territories

– Italy

– Iran

– Slovenia

– Sweden

Why should I use Pinnacle?

  • Best value odds
    Pinnacle prides itself on always offering the lowest margins to give customers the best value odds online.
  • Highest limits
    Pinnacle stands out from the competition by consistently offering the highest maximum bet limits online.

  • Winners are welcome
    Unlike other bookmakers, we don’t restrict or ban successful players. Winners are welcome to keep betting with Pinnacle.

  • Arbitrage friendly

    Pinnacle is one of the only online bookmakers to accept Arbitrage Betting.

  • Better than an exchange
    Pinnacle’s low-margin odds offer better value than a Betting Exchange.