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Our list continues with another team from Asia, biggest Korean team Gen.G. This team is very young on the scene. Despite that, they already made a name for themselves as a top tier organization not just in Korea but all over the globe.
The organization created 2 teams in May this year, Gen.G Black and Gen.G Gold. Both teams represented South Korea on PGI 2018, finishing in first and second place respectively at the 2018 PUBG Korea League (PKL) tournament.
“This is a great start for us. Both of our PUBG teams maintained a top ranking in the inaugural PUBG league and were ultimately able to punch our tickets to Berlin. We are so proud of both our teams for their hard work and perseverance. We look forward to the opportunity to compete against some of the world’s best teams at the PUBG Global Invitational.”
Arnold Hur, Chief Growth Office
Gen.G Gold even managed to win the first place in TTP (Third person perspective) mode on PGI in Berlin this year. Only a month later the two teams merged into one team called Gen.G with united logo. The left (gold) side represents Gen.G Gold and the right (black) side represents Gen.G Black. With that being said we can continue to look at this 2 teams as one.
Gen.G Gold&Black rosters


Their roster is made from former players of two united teams. ESTH3R, Wick2D and YoonRoot came from Gen.G Black and 4 more players; Simsn, Loki, EscA and Chelator came from Gen.G Gold. With too many players in the team, some of them had to go. As a result of that EscA left to OP Gaming Rangers and Simsn is a free agent now. You can see the current Gen.G roster in the table below.

Country ID Name Role
Chelator Kim Min-ki Starter
ESTH3R Go Jeong-wan Starter
Loki Park Jung – young Starter
Wick2D Kim Jin-hyung Starter
YoonRoot Yoon Hyun-woo Substitute
Country ID Role
Kevin Chou Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Banbazi Head Coach
WatchinU Coach



This team consists of 4 high skilled individuals. They rely on raw talent more than team play and it is not working well for them. Gen.G Gold had better results becouse of the chemistry that was very good in the team. After uniting, they lost that chemisty while mixing squads into one, leaving many players unsatisfied and some of them even went to other teams. This team has a lot to do, they do not lack talent but they had to re-establish team monarchy, work on team chemistry and get everything in order. One thing is for sure, they are not living up to their potential and there could be a bright future for them.

On Competitive Scene

The current roster of this team did not make anything significant so far on the competitive PUBG scene. However, they had great results as separate teams. Their biggest achievement is, of course, the first place at PGI TTP 2018.

On the table below you can see top tournament results of those 2 teams. Gen.G Black highlighted in black and Gen.G Gold highlighted in gold. They made roughly $ 550.000 from 7 tournaments which made them the second team by earned money from PUBG tournaments right behind OMG that made $ 660,000. If we compare these 2 teams, OMG needed 16 tournaments to made more than a half million dollars. On the other side, Gen.G did that in only 7 tournaments without Duo and Solo performance in any of them.

Top Tournament Results

Date Place Prize Event Roster
2018-07-26 1 $ 400,000 PGI 2018 – TPP Chelator, EscA, Loki, Simsn
2018-06-13 2 ₩ 24,000,000  PWM Season 1 Finals Chelator, EscA, Loki, Simsn
2018-06-18 1 ₩ 10,000,000 AfreecaTV PL Season 2 Chelator, EscA, Loki, Simsn
2018-07-07 2 ₩ 10,000,000 PSS Season 2 Finals Chelator, EscA, Loki, Simsn
2018-04-27 1 ₩ 3,000,000  PWM Season 1 ESTH3R, Gramatic, SexyPIG, YoonRoot


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