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PUBG Xbox starts training mode tests

After PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released Training Mode on their PC version, Android and iOS, Microsoft Xbox One is the last one to get it. PUBG Training Mode lets 5-20 players explore a new 2×2 km island which allows players to iron out their skills. This includes weaponry, shooting targets, jumping, running, driving and anything you can think of that is included in the game (except the desync and lag you know).

The small “lagfree” training mode has a shooting range and a racing track. On the PC version in order to find it all you have to do is start the game and find the “Training Mode” button in the lobby just above where you choose a map.

Training mode games last for 30 minutes during which you can pretty much do anything. Oh, also, you can’t kill other players. They just won’t die.

With PUBG Xbox you can find the Training Mode currently in the test server. Go to the Microsoft Store from the console and search for “PUBG Test Server”.

Check out the official PUBG Xbox training mode below – it looks more like a Fast and Furious 12 trailer though.