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Riot Games Rito have finally decided to justify their game development company motto and create another game besides their legendary League of Legends game. Soon as they announce, we will see a brand new game coming out of this studio. There is no doubt that this game will have a huge success, so many people are already hyped about it, and Reddit article where this information leaked is on fire.

Allegedly a Redditor under the nickname of zileanpredicts noticed that Riot Games trademarked the name Legends of Runneterra along with nine other trademarks in different niches/areas, like toys, apparel, clothing, sports gear, sports accessories, telecommunications, etc. The most exciting thing about those trademarks is the rights for competing in video games/eSports and streaming video games, so it is possible that with these moves Riot is targeting professional eSports.

As we know, for now, Runeterra is an in-game world, where the whole storyline of League of Legends is placed, so the possibilities of expropriating this genre are enormous. Maybe this is not even connected to eSports or gaming; perhaps it is the title of their new movie or TVShow, or it is their new novel or merely a book about the world of League of Legends. But of course, before we know, more we can only guess.

There are a lot of discussions that this will be their mobile game, connected to the original LoL game, others say this will be a Card game like Hearthstone is related to World of Warcraft, speculations are vast. So far the comments of Reddit community members that are most voted and have a lot of points are connected to the making of a Mobile game, others say it will be an arena game for betting on 1v1 matches, deposit XY amount of money and bet with someone on who will win the 1v1 duel, the winner gets majority of money, but house takes rake. And some people saying this is their attempt of making a Battleroyale game because this gaming mode is favorite amongst gamers at the moment.

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