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Ghost Gaming

One more team that got to our top 10 list is Ghost Gaming! Ghost Gaming is a North American esports organization based in the United States. It is known for its Gears of War team. PUBG team was formed in 2017. with Pr0phie, Miccoy, Definelegit, Wizwiki, and later Afflux joined as a team manager. After a lot of replacements, their current roster looks like:


Ghost Gaming
Country ID Name Role
Miccoy Kevin Linn Starter
BALLOC Sebastian Berendt Starter
Frolicer Dustin Halbert Captain
DrasseL Cedrik Lessard Starter
Xtreme2g Russell Walters Stand-in
DrasseL Cedrik Lessard Stand-in
Xtreme2g Russell Walters Stand-in
TONI SOSA Antonin Bernhardt Stand-in
Frolicer Dustin Halbert Stand-in
Country Name Role
Michael Cecere Head Coach
Matt Dillon CEO
Rob  Manager




Ghost gaming is one of those teams that are not afraid to fight early games. Players are always landing together, most likely in popular areas, the bigger the city – the better. Whole early game they are using to quickly gear up, and cities are amazing for that. Also, they will have only one vehicle, always a 4-seater, standing somewhere near them, for quick engage or disengage. As already said, they are not afraid to fight, if they see someone landing near them, they will strike them, or if they see someone in a compound near their city, they will use a vehicle to scan quickly, and most likely attack the enemy team.

Rotation and Late Game:

When the white circle appears and if they have enough of gear, they will hop into the vehicle and drive into the forest areas. That is where you will find them all the time after the early game. The places that they hate the most are compounds, you will never see them trying to defend or rush in them and clear them. Whenever circle moves, they will drive with a car from one forest to the other, even better if it is on high ground. Those areas are always great to control, because of vision advantage and you are really hard to spot in the forest. This means, that they will try to have snipers on everyone. Ghost gaming is also pretty aggressive at mid to late stage as well. You can see that in a lot of their tournaments, where they have between 10 – 15 kills. That strategy is always risky, but if you do it right, you will be pretty much unstoppable. If an enemy team is near them, they will attack, but with only two players. Other two will cover their backs, just to be sure that someone won’t surprise them from the other side. Their vehicle comes in a play in the late game as well. They are not only using it for quick transportation from one location to the other, but they are using it for a cover too, so they don’t have to rely only on trees and rocks. Also, they will use a lot of gas grenades that they throw at their car whenever they decide to move, causing enemy players to miss those easy shots.


Currently, the team is worth $193,000, making it one of the top teams in PUBG. Some of the tournaments in which they had good results:

Top Tournament Results
Date Place Prize Event Roster
2018-10-06 3 $1,000 FirstBlood PUBG Invitational October 2018 BALLOC, Frolicer, Miccoy, Xtreme2g
2018-07-29 6 $45,000 PUBG Global Invitational 2018 – FPP BALLOC, Miccoy, Pr0phie, Turtle
2018-07-26 8 $30,000 PUBG Global Invitational 2018 – TPP BALLOC, Miccoy, Pr0phie, Turtle
2018-06-24 2 $24,000 PUBG Global Invitational 2018 – North America Cad3n, Miccoy, Pr0phie, Venerated
2018-04-22 3 $7,000 Global Loot League Season 1 BALLOC, Miccoy, Pr0phie, Turtle
2018-03-25 1 $50,000 PGL-PUBG Spring Invitational 2018 Miccoy, Pr0phie, BALLOC, Turtle, Afflux
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