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We all know how South Korean gamers are a whole level above everyone else, at least when we are talking about StarCraft2 or League of Legends. But those two games have changed. Also, Serral is the new champion in SC2, and he is not from Korea, League of Legends new champions are from China, so yeah, Korea is starting to go downward in the gaming skill. But when we talk about the gaming regulations and rules, Korea is above everyone else. In recent years we could see many laws that helped in regulation all those newly formed and problematic things in eSports in Korea. But starting from 2019, a new rule/law will be implemented, and everyone who is caught cheating/boosting accounts will potentially go to prison for two years.

If you are unaware of the term boosting, it is considered as playing on another account in some video game, or when a player pays someone who is better than him or has better gear etc, to help him in achieving some goal, that will make that player stronger in-game, or simply rise in their ranking. This is a very serious and present issue in a lot of different multiplayer games or communities. Those boosters can earn a substantial amount of money, or in-game loot like gold, coins, etc, and a professional booster can live in any part of the world quite good, by only offering boosting services in various games.

South Korea decided to take some drastic measures in stopping cheating on any level, so the Parlament of South Korea voted positively on the law which puts boosting services as a real problem and as organized crime. This law will be live and running after six months, and there are some indications that fines for this behavior are two years of sentence in prison and as far as 20 million South Korean won, which is equal to 17,791,46 United Stated Dollars.

Boosting wasn’t regulated by law so far, so video game developers haven’t had any jurisdiction to suppose these people/programs/cheaters except banning the boosted accounts. This punishment is not 100% accurate, and a lot of accounts can go past by it undetected, so now we can see a lot of online companies that are registered and that offer boosting services without any fear of getting prosecuted or worse.

Let’s not forget that boosting isn’t the only way some players get better placements, rakings, or in-game gear. There are numerous hacks for the games which allow their users to finish faster, or get that win more comfortable. Those things are aimbots which make players shoot perfect shots while playing, not missing a single bullet, action automatization bots that make your character do specific actions without your presence so for example; you can farm gold in World of Warcraft when you are AFK because the software remembers where those small mines are. Plus many more cheating programs that are distributed freely, or at a modest price.

Video game companies have problems with these cheaters and are heavily investing in creating their anti-cheat programs that would scan vast amounts of accounts in search of suspicious behavior, or pattern behavior that is different than when a human player plays.

South Korea had already stepped up regarding this case when their parliament brought up the amendment which says that every person who is involved in creating, selling or promoting cheating software in any way is put on the other side of law, on a state level, so all those maphackers will think twice before they enter the cheating business.

Fines? They are NOT small; the maximum penalty is five years of prison or $43,000. This is a positive thing, not only for Korean players/gamers, but for all gamers across the world, since a lot of those cheating software creators and illegal tools come from South Korea, so this law will directly influence games and in-game content for gamers all over the globe.