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Tempo Storm

Another team that got to our top 10 list is Tempo Storm! Tempo Storm is an American esports organization that competes in numerous video games. It was founded in 2014 by Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk. It entered into PUBG esports scene in August 2017 after they acquired Pure RNG team, which was at that time first in North America for all-time points on the Showdown Series leaderboard.


As already mentioned, when Tempo Storm took over Pure RNG, it consisted of Valliate, YaBoiDre, Meluke, Randingo, and their coach, Afflux. But the roster changed a lot during 2018 and now consists of:

Tempo Storm
Country ID Name Role
Meluke Luke Laing Starter
Sharky Michael Gariti Starter
YaBoiDre Diondre Bond Starter
Zanpah Logan Heckman Starter
Country Name Role
Andrey Yanyuk CEO & Founder
Robert Del Papa CBDO & General Manager
Trey Bourne Manager
Hampus Johansson Manager
Ben Kyle Coach




Their landings are always passive. They will land together near roads, get in cars and go as further as possible from the plain path. Also, each player will get his own vehicle, so they are all mobile and can cover large looting areas. In this early stage of the game, most of the time they won’t go together as a team. They will go to every compound near roads and loot them, but sometimes they love to go to cities that are far away from the circle, but even then, only two of them will go there and rest of them will continue to loot areas near roads. They also won’t attack other teams at this stage, if they see anyone, they will run, their main focus is to loot as fast as possible, so there is no need for that later in the game. As soon as the blue circle is near them, they will start going to the white circle, Tempo Storm is one of those teams that hate being in the first blue circle and receive unnecessary damage.

Rotation and Late Stage:

After going solo, they will regroup at the border of the white circle, mostly at higher grounds. They will use their vehicles to go from one compound to the other. At this stage, they are way more aggressive than at the beginning. Going from one compound to the other is a really common tactic they use. Compounds are their favourite places at any stage, even late. Three of their players will defend a compound, while one of them is scouting ahead, after he scouts, they will regroup and run to the next one. Also, if they see any other team, they will attack them, even if that team is in a better position. At the late stage, they will abandon their vehicles and will go with a stealthier tactic. While on foot, one player will go ahead of the rest of the team to scout, while others are patiently waiting.


After a rocky start of the year, Tempo Storm is getting back to the top of North America. That was shown on National PUBG League Preseason where they took first place after dominating in finals. Their total earnings are $168,000. Here are some of the top results in 2018:

Top Tournament Results
Date Place Prize Event Roster
2019-01-13 1 $ 50,000 National PUBG League Preseason Meluke, Sharky, YaBoiDre, Zanpah
2018-10-31 3 $ 1,000 Curse Trials – October 2018 benq5, Meluke, YaBoiDre, Zanpah
2018-07-15 1 $ 54,000 PUBG Pan-Continental Meluke, sharpshothd, YaBoiDre, Zanpah
2018-06-03 4 $ 4,000 DreamHack PUBG Showdown Austin 2018 benq5, Meluke, YaBoiDre, Zanpah
2018-04-13 3 $ 2,000 PUBG Invitational – North America benq5, Meluke, Shaabi, Valliate, YaBoiDre, Zanpah
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