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Actoz Stars

Another team that is on our top 10 list is Actoz Stars. They are Korean esports organization that has two PUBG teams, Actoz Stars Red and Actoz Stars Indigo. However, after a series of bad results, Actoz Stars Indigo became inactive and currently only has one active member, Bong.


Actoz Stars Red was formed in March 29th, 2018. By Actoz Soft and it consisted of CaptainA, Hulk, ironman, and Starlord. Gemma joined as manager.

The current roster for Actoz Stars Red:

Actoz Stars
Country ID Name Role
Daengche Kim do-hyun Starter
Hulk Chung Rak-gwon Starter
Hwan2da Jang Hwan Captain
Starlord Lee Jong-ho Starter
Country Name Role
Jeon Hyeon-seok Coach
Jang Min-seok Coach
Shin Ye-ji  Manager



Actoz Stars Red:


This team heavily relies on team play and team coordination. They always land together and mostly in city areas, either the city is in the circle or not. What makes them interesting to watch is that if there is another team, or even teams, near their landing they will aggressively attack them and try to take over the city, and that gives them control over great loot areas. They will take time and slowly gear up, so they don’t have to worry about that later on. If the city is in the circle they often defend it and stay in it as long as possible. They even sacrifice one player’s gear and make him scout around the city, making sure that no one will attempt to retake a city.

Rotations and Late Game Stage:

Their rotations are not as aggressive as landings. Mostly, they are moving with the circle with one player leading the group and others checking their sides, even if they hear gunfire near them, they will send only one person to check it out and back out quickly after that, so they avoid unnecessary fights. You can even see that their whole team loves to have a lot of smoke grenades and they are using them for distraction or for safe movement with the circle. They also prefer walking over vehicles, both in early and in late stages. Also, they don’t loot compounds after the early stage, only corpses for quick refills. But their finishing of each round is as explosive as the beginning when every other team is injured and spread, they will strike together with ranged weapons and take them out one by one until they are all eliminated.


Even if they didn’t have a promising start, and after changing a roster, Actoz Stars Red skyrocketed by the end of 2018 by winning PUBG Korea League Season 2 – Regular Season and PUBG Asia Invitational 2019, which is huge for a young team. Making them one of the most profitable PUBG teams. This team earned $306,046 so far and is bright star of Asian PUBG scene.

Top Tournament Results
Date Place Prize Event Roster
2019-01-12 1 $250,000 PUBG Asia Invitational 2019 Hwan2da, Hulk, Daengche, Starlord
2018-12-01 1 $44,549 PUBG Korea League Season 2 – Finals Hwan2da, Hulk, Daengche, Starlord
2018-06-13 3 $10,779 PUBG Warfare Masters 2018 – Pro Tour CaptainA, Hulk, ironman, Starlord
2018-06-30 10 $718 AfreecaTV PUBG League – Season 2 CaptainA, Hulk, ironman, Starlord
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