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Despite IEM Katowice 2019 being just around the corner, certain teams still had enough time to compete in a smaller tournament called WePlay! Lock and Load. As we mentioned above, Major is just around a corner, this event attracted a lot of popular teams who will battle it out on the Major in the upcoming weeks. Vitality was able to win the entire thing and add an additional $25,000 to their balance.


  • Furia – Spirit 17-19
  • Heroic – Winstrike 10-16
  • Kinguin – pro100 3-16
  • Virtus.Pro – Gambit 16-12
  • Kinguin – Gambit 2-1
  • FURIA – Heroic 2-1
  • Spirit – Winstrike 19-17
  • Virtus.Pro – pro100 16-4
  • Furia – Winstrike 2-1
  • Kinguin – pro100 1-2
  • OpTic – Virtus.Pro 2-0
  • BIG – Spirit 2-1
  • HellRaisers – FURIA 2-0
  • Vitality – pro100 2-0
  • BIG – HellRaisers 0-2
  • OpTic – Vitality 0-2
  • HellRaisers – Vitality 0-2

As you can see from the results Vitality did not struggle against anyone in this event, as they did not drop a single map here on WePlay! Lock and Load.


Given the fact the Vitality had a free pass through the groups, they waited for their opponents in the playoffs. Even though it seemed like they had some serious competition on this event, that was not the case. I would dare to say that this event was their chance to prepare for IEM Katowice 2019 Main Qualifier.

vitality csgo


Nobody expected proo100 to do anything in this match against Vitality. However, they were able to bring it close in the first map, but that is the only thing they did in this best-of-3 series.

It all started on Vitality’s map pick, Dust 2. Although pro100 played out of their minds, it was not enough to put their seal on this map. At one point, they were 9-2 up, but Vitality was able to win a couple of rounds to pull it back to 10-5 on halftime. Even though Vitality won the second pistol round, they were reset straight after. At that point, everyone was expecting that pro100 will run away with this map, but that is not what happened. Vitality won 10 straight as they closed the first map, 16-12

Nuke was a walk in the park for Vitality. They were able to win both pistol rounds which propelled them to a huge halftime lead., 12-3. Pro100 really had no chance once the switched to more preferred CT-side. Vitality closed the series with a final score, 16-4.


On paper, Vitality had a tough match-up in front of themselves, but they proved anyone wrong. Once again we saw them play good on Nuke.

Despite losing the first pistol round, Vitality was able to win the first half on OpTic’s map pick, Nuke. Even though we had a close game on the halftime, Vitality stepped up on the CT-side as they closed the first map, 16-7.

After Nuke, it was time for Vitality’s map pick, Overpass. Once again, French roster lost the first pistol round, but they were able to bring it back and win the half, 9-6. However, the second pistol round secured them one more round, and at that point, it was a little bit too late to come back. Final score, 16-9.

Grand final

We were expecting a brawl between HellRaisers and Vitality, but that is not what we got. Once again Vitality proved to everyone that they are a team filled with raw firepower and experience, and once they get going, there is no stopping them.

It all started on HellRaisers’ map pick, Cache. Even though HellRaisers won the first pistol round, they were reset straight after. This reset secured additional four rounds to Vitality’s side. After that, rounds went back and forth, and we had a very competitive first half, 8-7 in favor of HellRaisers. Once Vitality switched to the T-side, there was no stopping them. They terrorized HellRaisers on all front, and they only allowed them two rounds in the second half. Final score, 16-10.

Even though it seemed like we will see a decider, Vitality proved us wrong, once again. They were down 4-0 on their map pick, Dust 2. However, after a good timeout, they were able to win six in a row. After that series, they exchanged rounds, and once again we had a very competitive halftime result, 8-7 in favor of Vitality. Once again, switching sides did wonders for Vitality. They did not drop a single round on the CT-side, and eventually, they closed this best-of-3 series with a 16-7 scoreline.